Sea trips


Colombo Line

The Scandola Nature Reserve, with its grandiose Creeks, is completely inaccessible by land. Wilderness classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, is an ecological paradise for exceptional fauna and flora.

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Le Pass'Partout

The Pass'Partout offers walks in the sea, from Porto, and invites you to discover the reserve of Scandola, the creeks of Piana and caves of Capo Rosso. A romantic unforgettable sea escapade!

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calvi evasion

Calvi Évasion

Boat trip in the Gulf of Calvi, Scandola, Revellata: With the Matha excursion outboard motor boat equipped with a fridge, toilet and hand shower.

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natura corsa

Natura Corsa

Rugged coastline with beautiful beaches, wooded plains to snowy peaks ... Discover fun and family excursions to discover Corsican nature in all its diversity, and the delights of local stakeholders from the environmental community on luxury vehicles. Corsica as you've never seen the human side more...

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agula marina

Restaurant L'Agula Marina

A restaurant located on the beach of Ile Rousse, let you have a good time while enjoying great food.
Our customers benefit from an exceptional 10% discount on the rental of chairs and catering.

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Restaurant A Quadrera

The restaurant, located in the tipical streets of the city of Ile Rousse, welcomes you in a warm atmosphere and you will enjoy tasty food.

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Restaurant Stella Mare

Conveniently located at the entrance of Ile Rousse, Corsica, it is the beach that welcomes you Restaurant Stella Mare. You access it by its private car park or from the Place Paoli along the seaside promenade.

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For children


Parc de Saleccia

By the sea, near Ile Rousse, visit an exceptional site on 7 landscaped acres. Little food, refreshment bar, shop organic and natural products, bookshop, large playground, farm animals and huts for children.

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